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  • Who or What is indianjugaad.com about?

Indianjugaad.com is a blog started by some friends from all walks of life wanting to make a difference and to collectively share, discuss and elaborate on topics, events, arts, science or related news tuned to indian sensibility whether in india or outside India.

This blog pays homage to the great intuitive Indian tradition of Jugaad. Indianjugaad.com strives to stay clear of politically induced topics ,religion ,racist, stereotypical or inflammatory content and instead fosters positive discussion and focus on knotched-up Indian happenings, events,people and Indian social charisma.

We’d like to think our blogs mission as an acronym :-

J-Joint / U-Uplifting / G-oals /A-midst / A-Amicable /D-Discussons.

  • What is Jugaad?

We Indians chuckle when we see Indian creativity with meagre resources, excercised to improve situations or things .Sometimes this jugaad or ingenuous quick thinking “just-get-it-done” strokes of genius or sometimes, laborious time and effort mega-mental-projects of an individual or team who diligently refine and tweak with sometimes no apparent immediate benefits or returns. Jugaadus (indegenious inventors) just go at it until it works or gets the job done.

  • Who is a Jugaadu?

Whether its passion , annoyance or plain beat-the-system-cause-it-aint-working foxiness , it all translates to someone doing something which fulfills a need of many. The learning curve is taken with a pinch of salt as a means to an end and the techniques may be applied from disjointed inorganic solutions having no bearing on what the current task is at hand.

The Indian Jugaadu is the common man in india- just like you and me,sometimes even the Indian system (Please dont laugh:), which brings to fruition a solution which can be appreciated by everybody just like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

The jugaad may be subjectively practical or go against-the-grain, but it stakes its place by carrying the momentum forward – not taking anything away from it.
The-not so-common Indian man or woman and their adaptiveness in tackling problems (big or small) always surprises and like a lot of inventions brings about sometimes contempt. Its only these short-sighted hindsights are reformed when the limited resources , diligent effort and single-minded investments of heart and soul are understood

  • What makes a Jugaadu tick?

  • Jugaad Shining

  • What is the end result of a Jugaad?

  • Who benefits from Jugaad?

Find Out as you read the Jugaadu’s Posts …



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